Episode 3 Behind the Scenes

I’m really proud of Episode 3 of the 318 Now Podcast. I was honored to have Courtney Hornsby on the show. I’ve known Courtney since she first started as President of the West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce. I feel she and Tom have done an awesome job elevating the West Monroe community. All you have to do is drive around West Monroe and see the growth. I’ve had a great time serving as a Diplomat for the WM Chamber since 2012 and I look forward to continuing to do so!

A few weeks, I attended a WM Chamber Diplomat Luncheon meeting that occurred on Ouachita River Cruises. The kind folks at Newks catered lunch as about 12-15 Diplomats were able to “Cruise the River”. Pat Hudgins and Captain John led the Cruise and were both informative and extremely kind.

Here are a few pictures I took from the Cruise.

Front 1 2 3 4 5

Like Pat said on the Podcast, if you’re looking for a nice, quiet and peaceful outing, Ouachita River Cruises is right up your alley! Their website is http://cruiseouachita.com/ , which has pricing info. I’d highly recommend taking family, friends, co-workers or clients on the cruise. I’d imagine someone from outside Monroe would get a kick out of seeing what all surrounds the Ouachita River.

I reached a pretty cool milestone on Facebook this week. I’ve focused on growing the Podcast’s Facebook page. As of this blog entry, we currently stand at 152 likes. That’s a great first week, in my book! And to celebrate eclipsing 100 likes, I’ve decided to hold a contest for the kind people who’ve show support of the Podcast by “liking” the Facebook page.

Pat and Captain John were gracious enough to donate 6 Open Cruise passes to the Podcast, which in turn will be awarded to a lucky Facebook follower. To qualify for the prize, all people have to do is “Share” the 318 Now Podcast page onto their Timeline. Simple enough, right? Hopefully my Facebook supporters will follow through!

I’m super stoked to watch the Dragon Boats race next weekend! The Facebook page is located at https://www.facebook.com/BayouDesiardDragonBoatFestival?fref=ts

If you haven’t watched the Dragon Boats, they’re a lot of fun for the entire family.

My old co-worker and friend, Jeremy Enis, has established himself as an accomplished director of both short and feature films. He’s recently launched a Kickstarter project for a live-action web series and comic book, entitled “Saga of Mong”. If you check out the Kickstarter project page, you can see how cool it would be! Check it out and donate!

I’m excited to say that I’ve gotten plenty of individuals who’ve agreed to be guests on the 318 Now Podcast. I think you’ll find them engaging, informative and entertaining as well.

Have a great weekend!

Behind the scenes of Episode 2 of 318 Now Podcast

I was excited to have Becky Tripp join the podcast. I’ve known Becky for over 10 years and she’s always been a reliable, trustworthy friend. Since beginning work with NELA Susan G. Komen in 2010, Becky has helped elevate SGK’s brand and awareness in the Monroe area tremendously!

As Becky mentioned on Episode 2, Louisiana consistently ranks in the Top 3 in the country in Breast Cancer mortality rates. This hit home with me, as it reinforces the fact that nothing in life is guaranteed. Our health is our most important currency: not money, reputation, or our careers. Never assume you’re 100% healthy. Be sure and do your annual checkups!!

And to conclude Episode 2, Brown Kelley’s Part 2 interview was awesome! Brown is a smart, witty guy who always has a trick up his sleeve! In the case of Episode 2, he shocked me to playing an old audio clip from 2004, when I called into ESPN Radio. I remember we freaked out like we had just won the lottery Man college was fun!!!

Video of Joey Gathright jumping over cars!

As for what else is going on, it’s been a real busy week! I’ve booked several guests for upcoming episodes for the 318 Now Podcast. The areas that these guests will cover will include fitness,river riding as well as city revitalization! You definitely will get a kick out of the upcoming 318 Now Podcasts!!

As I mentioned on the Podcast, I’m stoked to have 318 Now Podcast officially on iTunes. This will (hopefully) provide tremendous exposure to the podcast. My goal is to grow this Podcast into a reliable, informative and entertaining Podcast that you guys look forward to on a weekly basis. I’m having a blast doing these and hope to continue doing so, while watching the Podcast grow to New Heights!

Inside Look at Episode 1 of 318 Now Podcast

Check the previous blog post below to listen to Episode 1 of the 318 Now Podcast!

Brown Kelley, like myself, is a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. We met while attending ULM and our bond as Cubs fans grew from there. In 2005, Brown and I decided to launch a “radio” show, which we didn’t realize at the time was actually a podcast, entitled “Off The Wall”. It was a lot of fun to co-host the show with Brown.


When I decided to launch 318 Now Podcast, I felt it was fitting for Brown to be my first guest!  If all goes as planned, Brown will be a frequent guest on the Podcast.

As you may have noticed while listening to Episode 1, Brown’s voice sounded a bit different than mine. Brown actually joined the Podcast via Skype while my voice was recorded via a Dynamic Microphone. I initially tried to record the Podcast on my internal laptop mic but the quality was less than stellar.I’m really impressed with the Dynamic Microphone I used for the Podcast. If you’re ever looking for a Microphone to record yourself, get in touch with me and I can direct you on where to find it.


In conclusion, if you’d like to come on as a guest on the 318 Now Podcast, reach out to me on Facebook. You can “Like” my Facebook page, 318 Now Podcast, and reach out to me about possibly joining the show. My goal for the show is to Motivate, Inform, Consult and Educate my audience while giving my guest a platform to promote their cause(s), expertise, business, etc.

Thanks for reading!

Episode 1- Brown Kelley Part 1

Listen to Episode 1 of the 318 Now Podcast

318 Now Podcast welcomes Brown Kelley, a life-long, diehard Chicago Cubs fan. On Episode 1 of the 318 Now Podcast, Josh and Brown discuss their 2015 Chicago Cubs predictions as well as take a few trips down memory lane! In addition, Josh gives insight as to what the 318 Now Podcast will represent as well as helpful tips on how to listen to the 318 Now Podcast!

Check out this episode!